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The increasing popularity of applied window film for vehicles offers lucrative new business opportunities to new car dealerships.

Though heat control continues to be the primary function of most applied vehicle window films, some films can provide increased insulation performance against vehicle interior heat loss in winter, protect against fading, and shield vehicle occupants from the ultraviolet radiation that can cause skin cancer.

New car dealerships should consider these reasons to sell and install applied window film:

  • Depending on the type of film, revenues from installing film on one car range from $75 to $665. Usually, film installation takes no longer than two hours.
  • Solar heat and fading and cancer-causing UV can be a serious problem for vehicles and their occupants in Sun Belt climates like Florida, Texas, Arizona and southern California. Even in cold climate cities like Seattle, Chicago and Boston, many vehicles experience over-heating and fading problems even in winter.
  • With increasing concern about energy conservation and the high cost of gasoline, vehicle window film is the most cost effective way to minimize heat entering a vehicle, reducing the use of air conditioning and improving fuel efficiency. According to tests performed by the U.S. Department of Energy, depending on the type of film installed, fuel economy can increase by 3 percent.
  • Commercial vehicles are a significant market as fleet managers seek to maximize fuel efficiency and increase driver productivity by reducing heat entering the vehicle.
  • Of the 15 million new cars sold annually in the U.S., only about a third have benefited from applied film. Clearly, this is a market offering new car dealers a significant opportunity.

Too good to be true? Unfortunately, for many of the existing 5,000 dealer/installers in the U.S. who sell window film for homes and buildings, vehicle film sales have not been a lucrative proposition. The reason: mainly limited knowledge of the auto aftermarket business and insufficient marketing skills to pursue prospective auto film customers.

For new car dealers knowledgeable about marketing and promotion, there are great opportunities to sell customers vehicle window film. An aggressive, proactive marketing and sales organization with skilled employees selling the best film products will achieve results.

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